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The development of a product for large series production comes primarily from the definition of objectives to be achieved. The briefing is the "document" that includes all the requirements, constraints, the initial choices that the project must comply with. For example, the briefing define the materials, technologies, production costs and equipment, the market research, competitive aspects and so on. And 'the main stage from which to realize the design of an industrial product.
You start to design the product function of the trend that costume will mark the project in time. The family business feeling must usually be considered in respect of a continuous image of the product. The first sketches of the product come from the development of these work steps that are crucial in that the proposal will be presented to cliente.computerizzati obtaining virtual images.
The next step is the study of aesthetic production and is conducted in two parts that are directly related to one another: one linked to the graphical representation of the various proposals aesthetic, the other aimed at solving the first problems of design and feasibility. The styling is achieved in many cases manually, which imparts to a developed artistic connotation. In other cases, the styling can be done by computer programs to obtain virtual images.
  Project - feasibility
The project design is always accompanied by the technical design of verification with regard to construction problems, the so-called feasibility. This process allows you to move to the next stage of design, to the very high success, as the choices and design are tecnologighe been for the most part carried out.
The engineering phase is purely technical and generally develops in close collaboration with suppliers of equipment (molds and masks assembly) and the final production. The design is now done in 3D CAD.
  Reverse engineering
The transfer of the realities on CAD3d by asking high-definition optical providing cloud of points in the polygonal necessary for the formation of the surfaces. In cases where no such tolerances are necessary, they are used very versatile tools.
The final result of the job of design culminates in the realization of you stamp him and equipments for the production in series of the manufactured article. The designer must be under conditions to follow such trial up to the term of the exit of the first detail.
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